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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Husband of the Year Award!

I have to share this ADORABLE story with you...

My good friend and customer, Paula, was pleasantly surprised last week when she opened her birthday card from her husband, West, and saw this handmade beauty:

While Paula was at work, West slipped into her craft room and put this card together all on his own without her knowledge.  He told Paula that he thought he would just "make a card rather than buy one" since she had so much stuff.  LOL :)

West used coordinating colors, made use of our brand new Triple Layer Blossom Bouquet punch, and even stamped the envelope!  WAY TO GO, WEST!  You deserve the "Husband of the Year Award" in my book.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Paula.  I wish all of our husbands could be this adventurous!

~ Maria


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